Reference Case: Total Food Network

Total Food Network        

Total Food Network (TFN) supplies an extensive range of Fresh Produce, Meat, Smallgoods & Dry Goods to the Retail & Resource sectors both domestically in Australia & via our Export division to several countries.

Total Food Network deployed a highly integrated Samsung OfficeServ 7000 Series IP Telephony solution across 4 offices in 2 countries, combining voice, e-mail, text and mobile devices –
all accessible from just one call number – to create competitive advantage and reduce cost.


Significant cost savings

Total Food Network’s headquarter is located in Far North Queensland (FNQ). With distribution centres in Cairns, Brisbane, Port Moresby & Lae, TFN has access to all major Queensland growing districts and control of the supply chain throughout the eastern seaboard of Australia and services Papua New Guinea weekly.

TFN has been growing quickly and needed to integrate its different locations to support the process of distributing their goods in a timely manner, which required supporting communications and IT systems across all offices.

Their call charges between the head office in Cairns and Port Moresby only were adding up to more then $ 10,000 per month and growing. The existing phone lines and systems provided no automation or visibility on usage, no integration, and no ability to add unified communications (UCC) features to improve productivity.  

In response, TFN wanted a big-picture solution for all their communications needs, which they could then implement step-by-step, adding additional locations one at a time. After consideration of several alternatives, they decided that the functionality of the Samsung OfficeServ solution combined with the expertise of the Telequip team in both phone systems and multi-site networking addressed their needs best. Now, calls between offices – even offices in different countries, do not incur any call charges anymore. 


Multi-site integration

Telequip, which installed the system, found Samsung ideally suited for multi-site solutions.  The all-in-one Samsung OfficeServ 7000 series provides phone systems for all sizes of offices and seamlessly integrates phone systems across sites to act as ONE business. Communication servers, desk phones, software and mobility solutions and applications are all integrated and provide a highly flexible and scalable solution which can easily be expanded further in the future.

Total Food Network deployed a range of Samsung OfficeServ systems, from an OS7200S for the head office in Cairns to an OS7030 for the Port Moresby location with mostly IP phones and a small number of digital phones to allow continued operations in the event of a network failure. Remote offices, like Atherton or LAE received IP Phones which are connected to Samsung system in the nearest TFN office.

CTI and Presence

Maximum integration between sites has been achieved by introducing Samsung Xchange which gives staff the ability to see the presence status of colleagues across all sites, including whether they are in do-not-disturb (DND), out of the office, in a meeting, or available for a phone conversation. A shared address book gives everybody access to key contacts that are not in the company’s main CRM database. One of the most appreciated features is the integration into Outlook, with click-to-dial allowing users to initiate phone calls straight from their computer.



Some TFN employees spend much of their time travelling. The inclusion of Samsung Mobex Executive Licenses and Soft Phones now enables employees to access all the features available on their desk phone via their mobiles.

It allows employees to be reached on a single number, regardless of where they are located and they can make their availability status visible to colleagues, management and ultimately customers. Also, they can now check their voicemail wherever they are – it is sent as an e-mail to their Outlook account.




Future proofing technology

Telequip organised setup of a Managed WAN between two offices and supported TFN IT with setting up VPNs across all other sites, dimensioning required bandwidth based on expected call traffic and data volume. Ubigate switches were introduced in all locations to achieve a standardized, low maintenance and easy-to-expand setup.

The Samsung architecture enables the systems to seamlessly accommodate traditional and state-of-the art voice-over-IP (VoIP) technologies and open standard protocols (SIP), preparing TFN well for further expansion in the future.


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