Siemens Gigaset C610

The Gigaset C610A IP is the VoIP and landline phone that gives you smart online convenience and an integrated answering machine. You can place calls via the internet or landline, and up to 3 parallel calls can be made. All VoIP calls feature exceptional HD sound thanks to HDSP technology for absolute calling clarity. The answering machine records up to 30 minutes of messages to ensure that all incoming calls are received when you are out. An environmentally-friendly phone, the Gigaset C610A IP is equipped with energy-saving ECO DECT technology.

Practical answering machine functions
The Gigaset C610A IP has an integrated answering machine that’s designed for absolute convenience. With up to 50 minutes of digital recording time, there is space for all your messages. All new messages are displayed on the handset, and you can also program the answering machine to receive a new message notification via text message to an external number – for instance, your cell phone. When you check messages, a voice announces the date and time. You can operate the answering machine remotely via the handset as well as via the base station. On the Gigaset C610A IP, you can also record calls as they happen if you’d like to save information or simply a nice memory.

The advantage of internet calling

Because you can make up to three parallel calls on the Gigaset C610A IP, you have great calling flexibility. You can choose what type of line is best for each call you place: internet or landline. With VoIP, every call comes to you in exceptional HD sound, even if you choose to talk and multi-task in hands-free mode. Also, whenever you call another Gigaset VoIP phone via, your calls are free of charge – no matter where in the world your calling partner is. These fundamental advantages of internet calling make the Gigaset C610A IP a truly high-quality communication solution.

  • Answering machine with up to 30 minutes of recording time
  • VoIP and landline phone for up to 3 parallel calls
  • HD sound (HDSP™) for VoIP calls
  • ECO DECT energy-saving
  • Access to online information
  • Email reader
  • Search in net directories and Yellow Pages
  • Free calls worldwide between Gigaset VoIP phones via
  • High definition sound for hands-free talking
  • Large, high-resolution colour display
  • Address book with 150 entries and VIP groups
  • Date and time of messages announced by voice
  • New message notification via text message to external number
  • Display of new messages in the handset
  • Remote playback of messages
  • Operation via handset or base station
  • Telephone call recording function

At Telequip, we don't sell what we haven't tried ourselves. See below our experience in setting up this phone:


Installation is simple. Plug the network cable into the base station and then the power supply, put the battery in the handset and pair the two. Let the handset charge for an hour, while you configure your SIP Provider. The Gigaset comes with a web front-end and is mainly wizard driven making the setup real plug and play. A number of SIP profiles are even preloaded, but you can also configure it completely yourself. There is a phone plug at the back for your analogue line making it a real little phone system.

Just half an hour after unpacking and we were ready for the Test Drive.


With the base station located in our showrooms in 137 Sheridan St, we still had two out of three bars signal strength and clear communication from the far end of our property. The one bar boundary was reached when we passed by our favourite Sushi place at 125 Sheridan St, 150 m down the road.
Map view of the Test Drive

Try it yourself

Come to our showroom and try Siemens newest DECT phone ready for taking advantage of cheap VoIP plans without sacrificing call quality.


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