Bittel UNOVoice

Meet the new Bittel UNOVoice analog phone. Suddenly, everything else is so...common. As part of the UNO family of cutting-edge telecom solutions, UNO Voice brings together the industry’s best performing, most reliable phones and stunning state-of-the-art design. The result? Judge for yourself. You’ll find that Bittel UNOVoice analog phone is quite unique, and unlike anything else you’ve ever seen.
  • Single and Two line configurations
  • Optional 5/10 programmable guest service keys
  • Message waiting indicator compatible with all major hospitality PBXs
  • Feature-restricted models for affordability and space considerations
  • AutoConnect™, busy tone disconnect automatically
  • Express Programmer™, Hand-held Cloner and remote Master Cloner to program fast and accurately
  • Large Push-draw printable faceplate area for branding and dialing instructions
  • PrivacyGuard™, the last dialed number disappeared after 5 minutes to protect guest's privacy
  • Hold, Redial, Mute, Flash
  • Speakerphone

Check out the Product Datasheet for details about this phone.

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