Data Rack Installation

Telequip Data Rack Installation and Cabling
Today even small businesses operate their own network and require a server room somewhere in the office.

While you may be able to get away with a single server and a desktop switch at the beginning, with a growing number of networked systems including a PABX you should consider installing a data rack.

Data racks allow the co-location of your server, your network components like switches and routers and your telephone system all in one place. Components in the data rack can then share resources like backup power (UPS) and patch panels.

In an office with just 10 staff, the number of networked connections in the data rack can easily exceed 40 cables. A tidy and well labelled installation is easier to maintain and can save valuable time and money if there is a problem.

Whether you have a new rack, need to extend your existing rack or just want to have it cleaned up, we have experienced staff that can do this for you, while you focus on your core business.

We will work with your IT Professionals to ensure everything you need is accommodated in the most efficient layout. Contact us for more information!

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