Networked Sites

Many of our customers have multiple offices or work from different locations, be it to be able to work from home or have a remote staff member. A good communications solution can not only support this setup but will also help you save money by:

  • centralised reception function for all offices
  • "overflow" pickup for another office for the times when too many calls come in to be handled in one location, so that you do not miss an important call
  • free calls between offices
  • free calls from and to "remote" phones, e.g. in Sydney, Melbourne or PNG
  • answering calls from a different office while an office, that is only staffed part-time, is already closed

There are different options on how this can be achieved and there is no one-fits-all solution. We will prepare a tailored solution for your specific situation with you, so that you can achieve the best solution at the best price.

For examples, please see our references and please contact us to discuss your specific requirements!

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