Your telephone is your business, so keep an eye on the cost

PHONECONTROL Call Accounting & Telephone Information Management Systems allows you to monitor the performance, analyse the usage and calculate the cost of your telephone

Key functions:

  • Monitor the performance of your telephone system
  • Analyse phone usage and create call usage awareness
  • Calculate and disperse the cost of call activities
  • Receive valuable financial and user information to better manage resources

PHONECONTROL software can provide you with visibility and accountability of PABX usage and recommend savings that can pay for the software within the first 6 months!

Why a Telephone Information Management System?

  • Reduce costs by 10-30% simply by advising users
  • Departmental charge back
  • 3rd party billing
  • Recovery of expenses
  • Internal Visibility
  • Accountability
  • Reduces Administration time by over 75%
  • Improved efficiency and productivity
  • Identify peaks in call traffic – staff scheduling
  • Employee abuse, long, expensive calls etc
  • Toll Fraud / PABX Hacking
  • Using call data/patterns to make decisions
  • Carrier bill comparison
  • Carrier rate verification
  • Legal proof/audit trail of calls having being made
  • Emergency/nuisance call tracking

offers scalable, flexible, solutions from small single sites to complex international multi- sites and offers an LDAP/Active Directory compatible data base with multi -user access. PHONECONTROL is a fully Australian product that can be connected to every PABX or VOIP based telephone system.

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