Mobility Extension

A mobility extension allows you to define a number of telephones that ring when you are away from your desk, e.g. your home phone or your mobile.

The benefit of mobile extension over call forwarding is that when you take a call on your mobile, you are still connected to your telephone system allowing you to transfer the call to another extension as you would do it on your deskphone.

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Be more independent through Mobility Solutions

How to remain in full control of your business while away from your premises

Over the last couple of years, tourism numbers in Queensland were basic at best. The global financial crisis and a high dollar have reduced the number of overseas tourists and see Australians go to places abroad. This has forced Queensland accommodation owners and managers to run their business as lean as possible. For smaller resorts, B&Bs and motels this can mean that just the residential managers is in attendance during low season. Going to the bank, the doctor or shopping can become a logistical nightmare if the front desk is unattended during this time as that important reservation can’t be taken or a guest request for new towels can’t be addressed immediately.

A mobile phone and call forwarding has been the best option in the past. The incoming call is forwarded to your mobile while you are out. However once you answer the call on your mobile you can’t relay the call to anybody in the hotel, like housekeeping or a guest room. All you can do is take the message and call back later, leaving your client with a suboptimal customer experience.

Telephone systems of the newest generation offer a much better solution to this problem giving you full control over your hotel while you are away. Instead of call forwarding your mobile phone becomes a “mobile extension” of your telephone system. Next time your handset in the hotel rings, your mobile will ring as well. If you take the call on your mobile, e.g. while you are waiting in the queue at the bank, you can now transfer the call back to any extension in your hotel, just like you would do from your handset. If a guest wants another set of towels, you can simply transfer them to housekeeping. The wife of a guest calling, you can connect her straight to her husband’s room. And of course you can simply take the call for a reservation yourself, all through your mobile phone.

Major vendors like Samsung or Aastra offer this feature even with their entry level telephone systems. Staying with your current vendor could see you take advantage of the mobility feature while keeping your current handsets and just upgrade the telephone system. Specialised dealers like Telequip in Cairns understand the needs of the hospitality industry in Queensland and can help you determine what is required. Make sure that the dealer’s technicians are certified for the products that they suggest making the install as smooth as possible.

One of these systems recently installed in a hotel in Cairns has given the managing couple an increase of flexibility while keeping up their excellent customer satisfaction. “While I am around town, I can take all my calls and if required transfer calls back to my wife if a client needs immediate attention”, says the residential manager.

Think of the opportunities of having the freedom to stay in full control of your hotel while you are away at the bank, the supermarket or even the golf course.


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