Mitel 5370

The Mitel 5370 offers an advanced range of features.

Its Attention LED informs the user of new text and/or voice messages. The 12 configurable keys are available for team, control and alarm functions. Together with a headset, the Mitel 5370 is also suitable for e.g. call centre agents.

The Mitel 5370 is an advanced feature terminal. It can be used as a key telephone (line keys) and it can be extended with an additional keypad.

Display elements

  • Indicator LEDs for optical call signalisation and waiting messages
  • Display (5 lines with ever 22 characters alpha)
  • Operating controls
  • Navigation key
  • Foxkey
  • Call key
  • End key
  • Redial key
  • Phone book key
  • Loudspeaker key
  • Microphone key
  • Volume/cursor keys
  • Absence key with LED
  • Correction key
  • 12 configurable keys

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