Mitel 5380

The integrated alphanumeric keyboard of the Aastra 5380 as well as practical functions such as automatic call-back, call forwarding and conference call also help improve efficiency during your daily routine. In order to protect the telephone against unauthorised use, it can be allocated an access code.

The Mitel 5380 is an advanced feature terminal. It can be used as a key telephone (line keys) and it can be extended with up to three additional keypads.

Display elements

  • Indicator LEDs for optical call signalisation and waiting messages
  • Display (7 lines with ever 34 characters alpha)
  • Backlit display
  • Operating controls
  • Navigation key
  • Foxkey
  • Call key
  • End key
  • Redial key
  • Phone book key
  • Loudspeaker key
  • Microphone key
  • Volume/cursor keys
  • Absence key with LED
  • Correction key
  • Alpha keyboard

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