Siemens Gigaset Tips & Tricks

Siemens Gigaset are robust cordless phones with great coverage. They can be used directly on a phone line or with almost any phone system and increase your mobility in the office.


TIP: Re-subscribing your Siemens Gigaset to its base station

If your Siemens Gigaset phone flashes "Base 1" and you cannot make or receive calls on it, it is likely to have lost the registration to its base. This typically happens when the phone has not been charged for a while and the battery is completely flat or if the phone has been taken outside of range for an extended period of time (e.g. accidentally taken home).

To re-subscribe the phone to its base station is easy and described in the attached Quick Reference Guide:

Re-subscribing a Siemens Gigaset cordless phone to the base station


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Siemens Gigaset E630A
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