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Designed with ease of use in mind, mPBX allows you to have full control of complex call flow scenarios with easy to understand block diagram. While the billing portal allows you to order phone numbers and licenses and get it instantly activated.

You are now in true control of your business communications.

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Reliability is our top priority. 99.9% SLA Guaranteed uptime

We own all our equipment and software. Our systems are built with complete redundancy in mind. VoIPLine Telecom will help your call centre business to plan and implement required internet connectivity and backup links to achieve maximum uptime. We will work together with your IT department to ensure adequate QoS (Quality of service) is configured within your network and sufficient bandwidth is available during peak hours.

We can offer private IP connections direct from our data-centre to your office via our MPLS network supplied over Fiber, EFM or ADSL2+ links.

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Independently monitored by, one of the leading independent network monitoring services with advanced reporting & notification systems.

Call centres

Frequently asked questions

A cloud-hosted call centre is the next generation technology enabling you to accept and make calls to your customers. You do not need to run an on-premises infrastructure on your own or pay an in-house engineer to maintain the system. Everything is hosted in the cloud by your service provider. All you need is a reliable and stable internet connection to use the service.

  • 1. You do not need to purchase, maintain and update on-site equipment and hardware. The provider will automatically do this for you, saving your business current and future expenditures.
  • 2. Cloud-hosted call centres allow you to swiftly open new offices or change locations at any moment.
  • 3. Introducing a cloud-hosted call centre within your business will allow you to expand with no limits. Need to hire ten more staff? All you need to do is purchase new licenses in your online customer portal and everything will be ready.
  • 4. Cloud-hosted call centres offers you features that are unavailable with on-site call centres such as integration with third-parties services, intellectual user-performance reports, advanced voice menus, time conditions, call recordings and much more.

Absolutely. You can book a demo session at your convenience entirely free of charge. Our technical engineers will deliver a comprehensive session providing you with knowledge of our services; guiding and training you to navigate the system and configure call flows, while answering any questions you may have.

The employee is required to have a reliable and stable internet to ensure a smooth experience for the customer. A PC or laptop with the latest version of any browser preference is essential. However, we recommend Google Chrome to eliminate any potential software issues.

Yes, it is possible.

  • 1. The call queue wallboard feature will allow you to visually monitor how many callers are waiting in each call queue, how many agents are on a call, average wait time for each queue, the number of answered and missed calls – in real-time via a unique user interface.
  • 2. User performance reports allows you to monitor who answers or makes the most calls, call durations and missed calls on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • 3. The call recording feature can be enabled for inbound and/or outbound calls. Each recording is then emailed to the assigned email address, outlining the caller ID, time and user information.

Absolutely. We have a ‘Time conditions’ feature that allows you to schedule calls during a specific time-frame. For example, you have two branches in different time zones: you can set up time conditions to route calls for office A from 9 AM to 6 PM and office B from 6 PM to 11 PM. Depending on your requirements, time conditions can be arranged concurrently with different call objects.

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