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Microsoft Teams Direct Routing
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Microsoft Teams

  • Add calling functionality to your Microsoft Teams users
  • Keep your existing phone numbers
  • Make and receive phone calls using Microsoft Teams
  • Use advanced call routing features and reporting
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Connectivity for Microsoft Teams by VoIPLine Telecom

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Microsoft Teams Integration with our business grade hosted PBX solution

Microsoft Teams is a great tool for cooperating with your team. If you also require an efficient way to communicate with the outside world, place or receive business phone calls, create voice menus, call queues, record calls, get detailed statistical reports and more, look no further than Microsoft Teams direct routing integration with our bespoke PBX solution.



How it work

You can now use MS Teams as a phone system for your business, make and receive calls using any MS Teams enabled device or computer, create complex call flow scenarios. Get competitive call plan offerings with VoIPLine Telecom.

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Upgrade Microsoft Teams direct routing with
advanced PBX Features

By taking advantage of the integration between Microsoft Teams and PBX doesn’t only allow for calling functionality, for your Microsoft 365 users. PBX will cater for a full business grade feature set such as: call recording to email, automated voice menus, call queuing, call parking, ring and hunt groups, time based routing and a whole lot more! All from a single user friendly web portal.

Use all the unified communication functions of Microsoft Teams such as: video calling, screen sharing, group chat, instant messaging, document collaboration and file transfer, as your main business communication tool. Whilst utilising advanced call reporting, queue statistics, user information and live call wallboards.

Affordable pricing for everyone


$ 3.35#

inc GST
Per Microsoft Teams user / per month


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* A Microsoft Enterprise E1, E3 or E5 license is required, with the additional phone system add-on license, for PSTN services to become available. (Microsoft 365 licenses are purchased separately from within your Microsoft 365 tenancy, or from your Microsoft licensing provider) A PBX user or SIP trunk channel license must be purchased in addition to the $3.35 inc GST Microsoft Teams integration license.

** A phone number is required for each Microsoft Teams user and must be purchased separately. Starting from $0.65 inc GST per number per month, for all Australian geographic phone numbers.

# Valid for new accounts registered after 01.01.2022 and for the lifetime of those new accounts.

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VoIPLine Telecom is a registered Microsoft
Tier 1 partner in Australia

Microsoft Teams direct routing calling is now available for all, whether you are a single user operation or a large enterprise! Integrate your Microsoft Teams account* to VoIPLine Telecom’s unique PBX system for just $3.35 inc GST per user per month.

Select a phone number from any geographic location in Australia** and either port your existing number or order a new number from over 65 countries worldwide!

Unlike other service providers offering Microsoft teams, there are no minimum term contract with VoIPLine Telecom, feel free to add new users and update call plans at your convenience without being tied into a long contract terms. On top of this there are no upfront costs, for expensive gateways, PBX or session border controllers, simply add your Microsoft Teams users via a user friendly web portal. Scrap your outdated telephone system and upgrade to a market leading unified communications platform today!.

Modern VoIP Hardware for Cloud Calling certified by Microsoft Teams

Take advantage of a state of the art unified communications platform and increase the flexibility of the supported hardware. Allow your users the option to use physical desk phones or the Teams application with a headset.

Benefit from Microsoft Teams certified handsets from Yealink, that include large colour displays, HD voice, POE support and more. Or alternatively, the range of active noise cancelling Jabra Evolve headsets, specifically optimised for the Microsoft Teams application.

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Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Frequently asked questions

Direct Routing allows customers to choose their telecom provider like VoIPLine Telecom to route phone calls in and out of Teams application. Basically it allows you to use Teams to make and receive calls.

All the Hosted PBX features like call transfer, custom caller ID, fax to email, callerID routing, voice menu, call recordings, user performance reports, call queue wallboard and many more are available when you using Microsoft Teams direct routing with VoIPLine Telecom.

We offer a range of MS Teams certified handsets from Yealink. You can browse for a list of available handsets by going to Equipment section of the web site. Teams desk phones use proprietary Microsoft voice encoding and hence other VoIP phones will not work with Teams.

To use Microsoft Teams direct routing you need Microsoft 365 subscription with Microsoft Enterprise E1, E3 or E5 license with a ‘phone system’ addon. Also, a phone number is required to make or receive phone calls. Moreover, you can purchase Teams compatible handsets to receive or make phone calls without using software on your PC if you like.

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